The New Gold Standard

Galbani Professionale Premio Pizza Mozzarella is known for delivering a delectable journey from start to finish every time it's used. This creamy, buttery Pizza Mozzarella is prized amongst award-winning chefs for its rich flavour. Let Italy's #1 cheese brand help you bring out the best in your signature pizzas and Italian dishes.

Galbani Professionale Premio Mozzarella

The Future of Culinary Excellence

Part of the Galbani Professionale portfolio, Premio is a 26% Pizza Mozzarella that comes in a 2.3kg block. Committed to providing a mouthwatering experience, Premio raises the bar to meet exceptionally high standards.

The Premio Experience

Ample free oil for indulgent experience

Remarkable blister coverage & uniformity

Ideal for exceptional cheese coverage

Rich, buttery & creamy flavour profile

Unparalleled melting behaviour for mouthwatering texture

Chefs' Testimonials

Chef Thomas Schneider

“Working with a new cheese can sometimes be challenging. But not when it’s a Galbani Professionale product. I know that the team puts the time and research into ensuring their products cook properly! Their consistency is also amazing! I never have to worry! Every single time I try a Galbani Professionale product it always tastes incredible!”

Chef Maurizio Mascioli

“Galbani Professionale 26% Pizza Mozzarella is a blast from the past! This is how I remembered cheese as a kid growing up. Creamy, full of body, beautiful texture and coloring as it melts and the stringing is a real thing of beauty. A must have ingredient for any professional kitchen.”

Chef Luciano Schipano

“Cooking and tasting the new Pizza Mozzarella was such an incredible experience! The light and delicious flavours of the cheese, combined with the sweet tomato sauce and textures of the toppings all blended together so perfectly, creating a pizza that's truly unforgettable.”

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